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Pet Stain & Odor Removal

Everyone loves their pets, but sometimes they make mistakes. We are the pros at removing pet urine stains from carpeting. When your pet has an accident on your floor, you need to remedy it quickly before it becomes a serious problem. Southlake Carpet Cleaning loves your pets too and that’s why we’re here to help keep your home smelling fresh and clean when pet accidents occur. Dealing with pet urine accidents can be challenging once they’ve happened. It’s often difficult to detect the exact location of past accidents on your floors.

We utilize a specialized tool to identify the exact place of the urine spots in order to pinpoint the spot, treat it professionally, and then permanently extract the urine from your carpeting. 

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The faster pet stains are treated, the better the results will be. Call Southlake Carpet Cleaning now and we will remove the smell and appearance of old and new stains and odors… just like it never happened.

If pet accidents are not treated properly, the odor will spread throughout your home and may impact your health. The smell that comes from a pet accident encourages your pet to use that same area again if it’s not treated professionally. Severe pet problems in your home can cause serious damage to your carpet, pad and subfloor.

Pet urine can ruin carpet, stone, hardwood and tile. The odor is also quite strong.  Southlake Carpet Cleaning has been professionally treating pet stains for years and our products are safe and very effective. Our powerful machines deep clean your floors and can permanently extract the odors and enzymes. We specialize in extracting pet odors out of carpeting. If you have a cat pee stain that that won’t go away, call us and we can help you.