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Allergen Removal in Southlake Texas

Do you have allergies? Microscopic allergens hide deep within your carpet! Allergists recommended that you keep your carpets cleaned to help alleviate your allergy suffering. We can remove the allergy-aggravating particles from your house!
We can rid your home of the allergenic dust mites and pet allergens that build up. We are professionals at anti-allergenic floor cleaning. We’ll make your home feel clean and fresh again, for a healthier healthier environment.

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The dust mite, discovered in the 1960’s, has been a well-known allergen of great concern. Allergists test their patients for the sensitivity to mite allergen and data shows that a high number of people have a low tolerance for it.

Cat allergens are small and remain airborne for a long period of time. Did you know that Cat allergens can be highly irritating for people who are sensitive to the cat allergen, even if they don’t own a cat? These allergens can enter your home on clothing and other items of cat owners.

Regular carpet cleaning is a proven method for eliminating, cat allergens, dust mites and other irritating allergens. Rid your home of allergenic dust particles and start breathing easier!