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Carpet Repairs, Stretching and Dyeing

We at Southlake Carpet Cleaning have been stretching and repairing carpets for many years. We can remedy any carpet repair problem you have! We repair seams, patch carpeting, wood, thresholds, vinyl, tile, & marble . Our power stretcher gently stretches your carpet back to where it should be. Our work is guaranteed and we won’t leave until the job until it’s done correctly and you’re completely satisfied.

Is your carpeting not lining up like it used to when it was new? Sometimes, carpeting comes apart at the seams because the person who installed the carpet didn’t do the job properly.

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Carpeting comes apart at the seams from wear and tear. Your carpet seams should stay together if the carpet was installed correctly, but they will start to separate when the carpet is worn out. If you notice curling or separation, or a line in carpet that is not very old, we can quickly fix that problem for you. It will look great when we’re done, so you won’t be able to tell there was ever a problem. 

Is your carpet discolored or faded from the sun coming through the windows? We will professionally dye your carpet so that it matches and looks beautiful again. Call us for a consultation. Dyeing carpet is far less expensive than replacing it.

We have the experience & knowledge to repair, dye and stretch your carpet so it looks like-new again!