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Rugs get very dirty and lose their color because they endure lots of foot traffic over timeThe edges fray, the fringes come apart and the color fades. Some rugs are quite expensive and need detailed attention when being cleaned.  We can help you get your rugs cleaned properly, regardless of their value. Our rug cleaning processes ensures that your rug will be clean, the colors will not run, and your rug will look fantastic after we’ve put it through our step-by-step, professional cleaning process. 

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At Southlake Carpet Cleaning, we are very thorough. Dirt and stains such as wine, crayons, magic markers, and pet stains will be removed, yet all the colors preserved so your rug will look amazing again!

​Some of our customers have told us that they have thrown their rugs away, thinking they couldn’t be cleaned. It’s much less expensive to have your rug professionally cleaned than to buy a new one. We;re the experts when it comes to rug cleaning…Let us bring your rug back to life.

You can trust us to take care of your rug like it’s our own.
Our trained professionals can bring your rugs back to their original beauty. You don’t want dirty rugs in your home…call us today!